XmenBTeam, Fresh Legs.

Fresh Legs FRONT.jpg


Celebrating the release of their new EP, ‘Fresh Legs’, Manchester based Ska/Rap sextuplet XmenBTeam encapsulated their audience and commanded attention for their new sound. The small venue was overflowing and the energy in the room was compelling, as they showcased their EP alongside some old crowd favourites and two incredible covers; Pendulums ‘Propane Nightmares’ and Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’.

The EP ‘Fresh Legs’ is a multifarious stew of genres and influences; from Ska, punk and Hip-hop to an aspect of world music and horns occasionally reminiscent of 20’s Jazz. A refined and composed take on the rap/ska mash up with a strong Mancunian accent, that brings to mind the early sounds of Sonic Boom Six.

Some songs on ‘Fresh Legs’, including my personal favourite ‘We Are the Bteam’, covers a new breed of frustration and defiance toward politics and modern lifestyles; portraying a cynical image of a life in office blocks and social media pretences. Other songs on the EP portray a cheeky lad with attitude and witty lyrics for his take on life and relationships.

The final song on the EP, aptly named ‘Big Ender (Don’t you worry mate)’, is a whimsical, feel good track aimed to lift your spirits regardless of the current state of the world. Filled with cheeky one liners such as; ‘Someone Trumped and ruined it all’ this track is bound to make you chuckle and lift your mood. My only criticism is that I wish more of the bands live energy was captured in the EP’s recording.

I would recommend going to an XmenBTeam gig if you can, there’s bound to be energy, laughs and an amazing Ska cover of The Final Countdown! If you want more of XmenBTeam check them out on Facebook and give their EP a listen on Spotify.