LCoM Freshers Crosswire

The first Crosswire event of the year was always going to be something special, but I don’t think anybody anticipated anything quite like this. Crosswire shows off some of the best talent that the college has to offer, featuring DJs, bands and solo artists across all genres. This time, Crosswire collaborated with the LCoM SU for a 60s/70s themed in-house party and had students flocking in their flares, platforms and garish shirts

The first act in the evenings stellar line up was LUNABLIND, a 3 piece indie band from Leeds. The band’s toe-tapping tunes really set the tone for the evening, their infectious guitar riffs reminiscent of the summer just passed. Their indie-dance fusion, dynamically blended with powerful vocals from Sam Garbett, wrapped the whole room in a cocoon of grooves and melodies. With vibrant, danceable tracks and gripping moments of grittiness, the band ooze a familiarity that keeps everyone up on their feet.

You can catch them at The Lending Room on October 18th; how could you resist a bit of good old indie pop? 

As LUNABLIND stepped down and everyone made a beeline for the bar, there was an unmistakable air of anticipation in the room for the next act. Pints in hand, the crowd gathered for the second band of the evening. 

When Thomas Harvey stepped on stage, all eyes were on him. Having seen the singer/songwriter perform solo numerous times, I was particularly excited to hear his music with a full band. The atmospheric opening to Isabella captivated the crowd, and Thomas’ crisp & powerful vocals drew us in and had everybody singing along. The band’s unwavering investment in the music was magnetic, while Thomas’ energy and charisma kept everyone bopping to his alt-pop tunes. 

His ability to communicate very current and personal topics, in such a universal and relatable way really is a testament to his skill as a songwriter. The final song in his set, Swimming in Mud, had the whole room transfixed with his poetic lyrics and catchy melodies. 

You can find Thomas Harvey at 360 Club on October 13th; you really don’t want to miss his enchanting combination of raw honesty, and seriously sweet sounds that you just can’t help but dance along to. 

At this month’s Crosswire we were honoured to have upcoming pop sensation, and LCoM Alumni, Lucy Whittaker grace the stage: and what a triumphant return it was. The crowd gazed with glossy eyes as Lucy strutted her stuff, absolutely dripping with confidence and charming us all with her addictive vocals. Her incredible stage presence allowed the audience to forget about their surroundings and immerse themselves in her fiery performance. Her opening track, You, really kickstarted the party and had the audience buzzing. Lucy proved that she really knows how to do Pop, with shimmering melodies, slick bass-lines and a performance style that is second to none. Her mashup was a great addition to her set for the evening, with the inclusion of Lady Marmalade being a personal favourite of mine. However, the real highlight was I’m Not Ever Coming Back Again; the whole crowd was bouncing and singing along to the pop powerhouse. It is without a doubt that Lucy Whittaker will be a success. She certainly inspired the crowd at Crosswire and showed everyone how it’s done. 

Make sure to follow @LUCYWHITTAKERUK and keep your eyes peeled for where to see her next! 

 Lucy Whittaker -  George Yonge Photography

Lucy Whittaker - George Yonge Photography

 Lucy Whittaker -  George Yonge Photography

Lucy Whittaker - George Yonge Photography

Now, I’m sure if you asked anyone who would be the act to follow Lucy Whittaker, a choir may not be their first response. Enter, Leeds Contemporary Singers (LCS), winners of BBC’s ‘Pitch Battle’. 

It was privilege to have them perform after their huge victory, and they most certainly didn’t disappoint. Even after the wildly energetic performance of Lucy Whittaker, LCS held the audience’s interest and soothed us with their gorgeous, rich tones. They emanated self-belief and hypnotised us all with their unique blend of voices. Their cover of Stand By Me was incredibly soulful, whilst their cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody delighted the audience with sections of both delicacy and thick, emotive harmonies. Beautiful Day was particularly uplifting and powerful, demonstrating their ability to reinvent a song without losing the essence of the original.

Leeds Contemporary Singers flooded every corner of the room with their warm combination of voices, and impeccable arrangements of classic songs. 

Leeds Contemporary Singers are set to embark upon their Yorkshire Tour, starting on November 15th at the Frazer Theatre, Knaresborough. You’d be a fool to miss their spellbinding tones.

 Leeds Contemporary Singers -  George Yonge Photography

Leeds Contemporary Singers - George Yonge Photography

 Leeds Contemporary Singers -  George Yonge Photography

Leeds Contemporary Singers - George Yonge Photography

As the last act prepares to take to the stage, the now jam-packed Cafe:Bar is full of people struggling for the best view. Having re-filled their drinks, everyone is ready for a dance. 

Heir lit up the room with their shimmering sounds and unmatchable energy. The 5-piece indie pop band have supported The Dunwells, Honne and Olly Murs, performed at Reading & Leeds and have 2 singles under their belt. After witnessing first-hand the undeniable chemistry between the boys on stage: along with their polished sound and moreish melodies, it became clear to me that it would be impossible not to fall in love with this band. Lead singer, Tom Hammond had a contagious energy and demonstrated effortless vocal control, charming the audience with his mesmerising enthusiasm. 

Heir’s alternative/indie-pop stands out from the norm in tracks like All Comes Down with their rich vocal harmony and lyrical depth, where I’ll Pick You Up had everybody’s heads bopping thanks to the funky bass line. We also had the pleasure of hearing some of Heir’s new material, a perfect concoction of indie-pop goodness bound to propel them to stardom. 

I think I speak for everyone when I say that nobody wanted their set to end, the band radiated an infectious energy that filled the room from wall to wall, captivating everybody. If you missed their set or simply can’t get enough of them, the band are about to embark upon a tour, sharing their irresistible tunes around the country. 

Part 1 of their tour kicks off in Southampton on October 14th, but the boys will be returning to Leeds on November 1st. 

All in the all the evening was a massive success, with DJ sets running into the small hours of the night. Don’t miss next month’s Crosswire where we are bound to be met by even more incredible acts - the talent is endless!