Henry Bateman, Received in Me.

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Leeds-based songwriter Henry Bateman transposes his clean and clear vocal delivery to a new more ambient and electronic platform as he explores the different cycles of grief with his brand new single.

‘Received in Me’, out on the 4th August, is the title track taken from Batemans upcoming album which is due for release later on in the year. The song investigates a journey of grief through the different stages of shock, anger and unanswered questions to the nostalgia and positive remembrance and incorporating new influences from electronic and ambient music genres to replicate the hazy and alien experience of a sudden loss.

Featuring Bateman’s new band the single; ’Received in Me’ displays beautiful musicality, as the band compliment each other perfectly. Building softly throughout the song to reveal jangling guitars, grooving drums and a velvety bass-line that continue through to the end the song. Despite the heavy subject and lyrical content of the single, it leaves you with an overall feeling of contentment. Co-produced with producer and musician, Tim Goddard this single has an overall professional sound and compliments Batemans voice.

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‘Received in Me’ will be released on August 4th alongside a brand new music video, and will be available on henrybatemanmusic.bandcamp.com, iTunes, Spotify and all other major online stores and streaming services.

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